• Tips on How to Choose a Good Day Care Center

    Choosing a good daycare center is not as difficult as many people think. If your little one is just a few months or years old, you should be very careful when you choose a child care center. There are several things you must keep in mind for a wiser and better pick. With this being said, here is a simple overview on how to choose proper childcare.

    Tip #1 – Reputation

    First of all, the childcare center must have a good, firm reputation due to the challenge of taking care of the kids. It must comprise of a warm, welcoming ambiance that will keep you and your child comfortable. If you know someone who has recently availed services from a child care center, ask for opinions from them. They will give you a mindful account of their experience.

    Tip #2 – Rules

    Childcare centers should comprise of firm ground rules. However, they must be flexible during certain circumstances. For instance, they must let you drop & pick up at different hours. Likewise, they should be prepared to handle emergencies like a pro. Good childcare centers will take your child seriously and protect them with lots of care. Also, in case your kid falls sick, the day care center must put in efforts to nurture them. They should be well-organized and well-planned.

    Tip #3 – Activities

    Moving on, verify if the day care center follows a stimulating curriculum. The town’s best childcare units have schedules and structured curriculums for kids. These curriculums are loaded with a wide range of activities like quiet time, snacks, group games, physical activities and study hours. In fact, some day care centers have TV & video time in the plan. These are exciting routines that will improve your child’s imagination, creativity, and energy level.

    Tip #4 – Experience

    The daycare center should have caring and qualified staff. It is another important point that distinguishes proficient childcare centers from the rest. Trained childcare professionals will make sure your child stays happy at all times. They will be prepared, responsible and enthusiastic in offering child care. They should also be using a child care software system like www.close-look.com to manage the daycare (visit this page to find out about their prices). Sometimes, you should make sure the caregiver falls in line with your beliefs and philosophies.

    Tip #5 – Facilities

    Last but certainly not least, the childcare center should offer safe, clean facilities. They should serve healthy food to your kid. Some daycares that have no restrictions on sweets or candies will attract your little one. Nevertheless, as responsible parents you must make sure they serve nutritional food too.

  • Top Amenities in Toronto Party Buses That Can Have Huge Impact on The Experience

    It is quite interesting to note that Toronto party buses are becoming more common than limousines and luxury cars! According to a recent survey, more-and-more people are hiring party bus rental services for birthday surprises, bachelor parties, swinger parties and wedding night-outs. With this being said, more-and-more party bus rental companies are including amenities and facilities that would give their firm an upper hand in the industry. Though most party bus rental companies are ranked based on its cost, bus condition, timeliness, and focus; outstanding amenities at sensible rates would provide the firm a better market. Here are top few amenities you should look for in a party bus.


    Astounding Lighting Units

    First of all, you must verify if the party bus has high-tech lighting units. Lighting plays an integral role in all events and special gatherings. Top Toronto party houses and clubs invest several tens of thousands of dollars on scintillating light to create an ideal ambiance. This theory works well with party buses too! The town’s best Toronto party bus rental company will have disco balls, laser units and different strobes in their vehicles.

    Good Sound Systems

    Just like proper lighting, parties require good sound! Music can add life to your event. In fact, it would be impossible to host a party without the right kind of music. Good sound systems and high-tech lighting go hand-in-hand. Conversely, the party bus company must let you connect your iPad, iPod or Smartphone with the onboard sound system. Also, you must be able to sync and mix music onboard.

    Comfortable Seating

    Thirdly, the vehicle should have comfortable seating. Though most travelers prefer dancing and standing in party buses, comfortable seating is of paramount importance. It is because comfortable seats can soothe your soul and help you relax! That’s why party buses from renowned firms are customized with leather couches. Recently, some companies that have installed comfortable seating in their Toronto party bus rental fleets include http://www.redvelvetbus.ca.  In fact, the seats come with cup holders that can keep your beverages safe. For more news about Toronto check out http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/toronto.

    Sharp Screens

    It is quite imperative to have plasma screens on party buses. These screens will let you watch live shows, movies, and play games onboard. Plasma screens are known for its high picture quality and compatibility with high-tech sound systems.

    A Lively Dance Floor

    Last but certainly not least, you should check if the party bus has an exquisite dance floor. The dance floor should be spacious and capable of accommodating many people. And, the dance floor should be positioned in the center with high poles!

  • Top Growing Benefits of Leaving your Children in Daycare While They Are Young

    If you are a working mom, you are not the only one who realize and understand the need for a good childcare center. Over the past few years, the number of childcare centers in big cities has grown drastically. You will come across at least 200+ daycare centers in every state. With this being said, why are childcare centers so famous?

    By definition, a good childcare center will take amazing care of your little one. They will make sure your kid stays happy and in great health at all times. Let’s examine the benefits of childcare and daycare facilities, especially in growing cities such as Richmond Hill.

    children talking

    Peace of Mind

    According to a recent study about children that was published in JAMA Psychiatry, mothers who leave their kids in childcare have fewer worries and are less likely to feel depressed. They can concentrate on their work and feel relaxed. It reduces the chances of social withdrawal symptoms and the issues of anxiety!

    Growth and Learning

    Reputed Richmond Hill daycare centers offer more space for growth and learning. If you enroll your kid in a top-notch program, you will increase their chances of success in life. Trainer caregivers will help your child learn and handle different situations. They will train them on how to socialize and learn. In fact, many childcare centers in Richmond Hill are amazing outlets where children can master the art of stimulation, affection, and socialization!

    Improved Immunity

    Do you know that kids who grow in childcare centers are immune to sicknesses? A study published in JAMA Pediatrics stated that children from childcare had lesser ear infections, breathing problems or respiratory issues. They were strong and immune to many health tremors. The city of Richmond Hill is particularly aware of these studies and attempts to incorporate them into the curriculum. Please visit http://noahsarkchildcare.ca to learn how Richmond Hill daycares are using this information.

    Strong Intellectual Abilities

    Kids from childcare are intellectually strong. They are capable of solving bigger problems and socializing quite easily. It is because good daycare centers offer more room for observation, socialization, and parallel play. These are three important factors that can improve your kid’s motor skills and thinking abilities.

    Better Socialization Skills

    One of the best benefits in leaving your kid in a daycare center would be better socialization skills. They will know how to behave in the public. It is because childcare centers focus on teamwork, group activities and sharing. They are run by teachers who have strong abilities in handling the education requirements of kids. Consequently, these children become better leaders and problem solvers.

    For more info, you can check with your local childcare or follow this daycare Twitter page. On the whole, childcare promises lesser stress levels for parents. You can spend you day at work in peace; knowing very well that your child is happy.

  • The Definition

    The following bullets are the DSM-IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th Edition – this is the “manual of manuals” for psychologists and psychiatrists to recognize mental health disorders) criteria for ASD: 
    1) Impairments in social interaction (Area 1) 
    2) Impairments in communication (Area 2) 
    3) Restricted repetitive and stereotyped patterns of behavior, interests, and activities (Area 3) 
    Delays or abnormal functioning in social interaction, communication, or symbolic/imaginative play prior to age 3 
    Autism can be diagnosed as early as 16 months – early intervention is crucial.  Look for the following “red flags” (as stated from autismspeaks.org).  
    1) No big smiles or other warm, joyful expressions by six months or thereafter 
    2) No back-and-forth sharing of sounds, smiles, or other facial expressions by nine months or thereafter 
    3) No words by 16 months 
    4) No two-word meaningful phrases (without imitating or repeating) by 24 months 
    5) Any loss of speech, babbling, or social skills at any age 
    Knowing milestones help to monitor a child’s learning, behavior, and development.  Take a look at these important ones at 3-4, 7, 12, 24, 36, 48, and 60 months by clicking on the link below.