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  • Essential Factors That Govern the Rental Fare of Limousines & Luxury Car Use in Toronto

    You can hire limousine rental services in Toronto at different prices. The final quote will depend on the company, their terms, and few other factors! Before you handpick limousines, you must analyze these parameters and weigh your odds. Never book a limousine rental service in Toronto without doing sufficient amounts of homework. And, this article will be a great place to start your research.

    Factor #1 – The Limo’s Shape, Size and Make!

    Like many other conventional cars, limousines come in different shapes, sizes and makes. In fact, there are more unusual limousines than traditional sedans and SUVs. Likewise, the Toronto limousine rental firm will have a unique collection of vehicles. Some rental service providers will have a newer fleet of limos at a higher price. For instance, Chrysler 300, the Hummer and Cadillac will be much more expensive than a traditional Lincoln Limo. Based on the limo’s year and brand, its price tag would differ drastically. Older Toronto limousines with very few features will be cheap and readily available. If you are want to get the best prices for Toronto limo services ask the chauffeur to determine how much it is going to cost. According to experienced event management companies, if you want to rent a Rolls Royce Limo, you should make a booking at least six months ahead of time. Though these are expensive limousines, customers tend to fancy its rich, rare and luxurious nature.


    Factor #2 – The Number of Passengers

    Secondly, the rent would depend on the number of passengers! It is quite evident that small limos will be less expensive than the bigger ones. Toronto limos come in a broad range of sizes. From six passenger cars to 20 passenger party buses to 50 passenger motor coaches, limos come in different sizes. Before you choose a limo, verify how many passengers would travel in the lengthy vehicle. If the car is ought to be booked for 6-passengers, you must opt for an 8-passenger limo. A limo that is slightly bigger than your requirements will make the ride much more comfortable.

    Factor #3 – Time of the Year

    “Time” is regarded as a deciding factor in many instances. Similarly, the ultimate cost of limousines will depend on how many hours you rent the vehicle. Some Toronto limo service companies tend to maintain a minimum rental duration of three hours. Whereas, super-big cars such as limo buses and party buses should be hired for at least four hours.

    Factor #4 – The Rental Event

    Finally, the rental event will determine the final price you pay. Most customers fail to understand the bond between the rental event and the limousine! For instance, limos that are customized for birthday parties will be cheaper than wedding limousines. Likewise, limousines that specialize in airport pick-ups and drop-downs will be less expensive than limos that are used to transfer VIPs. Most companies frame Toronto limousine rental plans based on the event.

    Few other miscellaneous factors that would govern the price of limos would be the mileage, location and add-on services.